We are the industry leaders in  painting military aircraft 



              We donate our services

To support our military men and women who everyday risk their lives for

our great country....improving their morale and inspiring   Esprit De Corp

is our #1 goal.  

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Important Notice!

Due to an unexpected change in regulations from Feb 2018 by CNAF, I currently do not have any seahawks scheduled for painting. The new change stated that civilians cannot paint military aircraft. I did not receive any formal notification of this nor an explanation. I will continue to inquire the Navy leadership to hopefully reverse this decision. In the meantime I still can do ships, AF nose art and possibly USMC aircraft. Thank you for your continued support.

With over 65 active duty aircraft painted since 1999, my team and I have painted over 55 H-60 helicopters, MV-22 Osprey's, CH-46, AH-1W,

UH-1 Huey's, and fixed wing. We have also have also painted static

aircraft such as the massive B-52, B-17 bomber, F-4 Phantoms and even

the SR-71 Black Bird. I also have now painted a ship! The aviation wings

on the island of The USS America LHA-6! 


I made the news!!! Watch this video            from Channel 10 San Diego


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