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Schedule and Squadron Listing




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Check back regularly to find out if the schedule has changed, usually the date is not "set in stone" until a few weeks prior. Please note that the painting schedule is figured out as to not conflict with my full time job.

Squadron/Unit  Listing

I In Numerical order-Number after name indicates                                    multiple aircraft

452nd AMW March ARB CA-

          KC-135R Nose Art-10    C-17 Nose Art-4    C-141C-1

NSW/SA-1 classified

HSC-3 Merlins-2

HS-4 Black Knights

HSC-4 Black Knights

HS-6 Screamin Indians

HSC-6 Screamin Indians

HSC-8 Eight Ballers

HS-10 Warhawks-2

HSC-11 Dragonslayers-NAS Norfolk VA 

HSC-12 Golden Falcons

HSC-14 Chargers

HSC-15 Red Lions

HSC-21 Black Jacks-3

HSC-22 Sea Knights VA

HSC-23 Wild Cards

HSC-25 Island Knights-Guam-2

HSM-35 Magicians

HSM-37 Easy Riders-Hawaii

HSM-41 Seahawks-4

HSL-43 Battle Cats

HSM-73 Battle Cats

HSL-45 Wolf Pack-4

HSM-75 Wolf Pack-3

HSL-47 Saberhawks-2

HSM-77 Saberhawks-2

HSL-49 Scorpions-3

HSM-49 Scorpions-1

HSL-51 Warlords-Japan

HSL-60 Jaguars-NAS Mayport FL

HSM-60 Jaguars-NAS Jacksonville Fl

HSM-71 Raptors-2

HSM-72 Proud Warriors-NAS Jacksonville FL-2

HSM-74 Swamp Fox NAS Jacksonville

HSM-78 Blue Hawks-2

HSM-79 Griffins

USS America LHA-6-Aviation Wings on the structure

VAQ-131 Lancers-Whidbey Island WA

HMLA-369 Gunfighters-Cobra

HMLA-267 Stingers Cobra

HMMT-164 Knightriders-CH-46-2

HMM-364 Purple Foxes-CH-46

VMM-163 Evil Eyes

VMM-161 Greyhawks

VMM-166 Seaelks V-22

VMM-164 Knightriders V-22

VMM-268 Red Dragons

VX-1 Pioneers Pax River MD

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